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It’s really fucking crowded sitting in this empty room
There is no escape from my schizophrenic womb
My body a weapon my mind is in decay
We’ll watch these assholes play (x2)
My ranting are a river flowing through the city bus
They’ll get under your skin and flow outta you like pus
You’re done with it you’re sick of me like moldy cottage cheese
With a middle finger in my face reflecting my disease

Cuz I don’t wanna do what the voices tell me to
They tell me I’m a schizo
Tell me I’m a schizo
In my head

God I love my Ativan I sunk my battleship
I rewrote the bible using only bacon strips
I’m not one for proverbs but have you heard of “they?”
Bugs Bunny is a Nazi and He shot J.F.K.
I’ll tell you of the future forget about your past
Feeling the caress of dead hands of the past
A prophet? A Mystic? Sit under my tree.
Jesus, Buddha , Allah, ain’t got shit on me

Cuz I don’t wanna do...


from Zero Cool, released July 1, 2017
Randal Graves: Homeless man #3
Jason Goodall: Best Rich Guy impression


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Punk Fuckin’ Rock from one of the coldest places in the world! What do the the Zero Cool dudes do during the freezing Canadian winter months? They write the best punk medleys the world’s ever seen. Edmonton will never be the same and neither will your ears! ... more

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