Cardigans & Chloroform

from by Zero Cool



Goodbye Childhood. Hello Jazz?


Grinning teeth and a cardigan he welcomes me
Nervously he bites his lip while his brow begins to sweat
Who’s that man in the corner of the room he’s fast asleep
“He’s tired from the last visitor, McFeely is his name”
Mr. Rogers – This is all really fun
Mr. Rogers – Our time had just begun
Mr. Rogers - Why did you draw the shade?
Mr. Rogers - What’s in this lemonade?

What’s with that look in your eye?
Getting sleepy… Is that a knife?!?!?

“Cardigans and Chloroform kid your future looks forlorn
While Josie looks the other way you will be my loving slave
Bound with love’s extension cord I’m your master no your lord
It’s a beautiful day in the Neighborhood
It’s a beautiful day for killing you”

Mr. Rogers, is having fun
Mr. Rogers, what have you done?

Trolley chimes a saddened song He locks the door
Psalms begin to fill the air a chill goes down my spine
Puppets now surrounding me eyes painted with pain
Their wooden hands put a cloth around my mouth

Mr. Rogers – What smells like Chloroform?
Mr. Rogers – Rough sex and ultra porn
Mr. Rogers – What’s under your floorboards?
Mr. Rogers – This smells like Chloroform

“Chloroform and cardigans nothing tastes quite like kids
After love has had Its way I will perform the chefs ballet.
Oh dear my knife has had a fit, and cut you into little bits.
It’s a Beautiful day in the neighborhood,
It’s a Beautiful day for eating you.”

Mr. Rogers, is having fun
Mr. Rogers, what have you done?


from Zero Cool, released July 1, 2017
Mary Hanna: Crying Baby Noises
Matt Cunningham: Creepy Necropedophilic noises


all rights reserved



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